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Horological FAQs

We constantly receive e-mails enquiring about the provision of clock parts and items such as clock glasses, suspensions, mainsprings, winding keys etc.

These are items that we purchase for ourselves for our own use but they are easily obtained from material houses.

The clock parts we make at HRS clocks consists of anything that is broken or missing, for a clock that cannot be obtained from material houses.

An example of this would be clock wheels and pinions and most of the items we make are for antique clocks.

We are also being asked to provide Valuations from written descriptions. This is not possible as we would have to view the article physically, as would any other reputable company, to give a written fair valuation which would be for insurance purposes only.


? Can you repair my 400 day /Anniversary clock

We no longer repair or service Anniversary clocks.

? Can you replace a pivot for me

I am sorry to say that Due to our work load we have had to stop making parts for the trade by Post, Pivot replacement, clock wheels etc. It is causing a lengthy delays to our own customer repairs and restoration.

? What do you sell

We sell a quality repair and restoration service backed with a honoured guarantee. We also make one off parts that are missing or beyond repair see Clock Parts link above, also we restore Barometers , Barographs, Musical Boxes and brass dials.

? Do you sell clock spares

We do not sell easily obtainable clock spares see Clock Links above

? Do you make parts for watches

Sorry we do not make or sell parts for watches or pocket watches

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