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A Restored Longcase Clock By Henry Smith of Sunderland

The great wheel on the going side of the clock had a spoke missing and a bent wheel plus two broken teeth

The dial backing was also broken on the same side

Due to the amount of rust on the steel work it has obviously fallen to the floor at some stage and put to one side in damp conditions.

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Clock dial before restoration dial

Repaired Cleaned and Restored

Clock dial after restoration dial Clock dial after restoration dial

A very unusual moon mechanism

The moon drive wheel is 25mm in diameter and has 59 fine cut deep teeth

This is driven from a 24 hour wheel, that has a 2mm spacer and a thin circular disk rivited to it

This disk sits in the tooth space of the moon drive wheel

There are two slits in the disk about 10 teeth apart and one side of each slit is bent out

so that as the disk revolves it catches the tooth behind on the moon drive wheel

making the moon ball rotate 39 1/2 days per month

Clock back plate after restoration dial


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