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Clock Repairs and Restoration, to Antique Clocks Barometers and Barographs

New or Missing Antique Clock Parts made Clock Wheel and Pinion Cutting Brass Dials Restored

Antique clock parts made / Antique clock repairs and restoration

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Price List

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A Member of the British Watch and Clockmakers Guild

The British watch and clockmakers guild

This is a price list for the average house hold clock only:

Floor Standing Regulators / Tube Chiming Long Case / Verge Escapements / Perpetual Calendar

please phone for a quote

as there are many other styles varying in complexity and quality

Mass Produced 1940s Wall and Mantel clocks


Timepiece with 1 winding hole--------------------------- { PHONE }

Striking with 2 winding holes -----------------------------

Striking Ting Tang 2 windholes -----------------------------

Chime with 3 winding holes -------------------------------


Antique Striking Longcase / Grandfather clocks


30 Hour Longcase clock------------------------------------- { PHONE }

8 Day Longcase clock ----------------------------------------

Musical Longcase clocks------------------------------------


Fusee Bracket and Wall clocks English or German


Timepiece with 1 winding hole --------------------------- { PHONE }

Striking with 2 winding holes ------------------------------

Chime with 3 winding holes --------------------------------

Large chime on Bells and gongs -------------------------


French Pendulum Clocks


8 day Timepiece 1 winding hole --------------------------{ PHONE }

8 day Striking with 2 winding holes ---------------------

8 day 4 glass sided, 2 winding holes -------------------


French Carriage clocks


Timepiece with 1 winding hole---------------------------{ PHONE }

Strike with 2 winding holes---------------------------------

Carriage Repeater----------------------------------------------


Vienna Regulator on weights


Timepiece with 1 winding hole-------------------------- { PHONE }

Striking with 2 winding holes ---------------------------

Chime with 3 winding holes -----------------------------


Skeleton Fusee Clocks


Timepiece with 1 wind hole--------------------------------{ PHONE }

Timepiece passing strike 1 wind hole------------------

Strike with 2 winding holes---------------------------------


Cuckoo Clocks


Timepiece 1 Weight--------------------------------------------{ PHONE }

Strike 2 weights--------------------------------------------------

Musical 3 weights-----------------------------------------------

Antique or wooden wheels----------------------------------


American wall and mantle clocks


Timepiece with 1 winding hole----------------------------{ PHONE }

Striking with 2 winding Holes------------------------------

Striking wall clock on weights ----------------------------



Polishing and Lacquering of brass clock cases

Restoring / Re-Silvering Brass Dials

Repairs to Barographs / Musical Boxes and Barometers

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Work at HRS-Clocks Clock Repair Workshop

A sample of asorted clock wheels

Pivots replaced from  £25.00

Wheels Cut From  £35.00

Escape wheels from  £50.00

Pinions from  £60.00

Pallets from  £70.00

Damaged or broken clock wheel teeth replaced phone

Strike lifting levers made phone

Locking levers made phone

Ratchets / Rack hooks / Great Wheels / Barrels / Posts/ Collets / Pipes / Missing Motion Work / Gathering Pallets

Please Note

Parts are made only for the items that we restore / repair.

Please Phone for a quote


Antique clock repair and clock parts

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