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Clock Repairs and Restoration, to Antique Clocks Barometers and Barographs

New or Missing Antique Clock Parts made Clock Wheel and Pinion Cutting Brass Dials Restored

Antique clock parts made / Antique clock repairs and restoration

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Clock Parts

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Horological Repair Service

Clockmaker / Restorer

Clock Repair and Restoration, to Antique Clocks and Barometers

New or Missing Antique Parts are made only for the clocks that we restore.

Clock Wheel and Pinion Cutting

Brass Dials Re-silvered / Restored

Parts for Antique clock movements and Grandfather clock parts

A clock wheel and pinion cutting machine

All Antique clock parts made on site

at hrsclocks


Antique clock parts repairs and / or restoration to all types of

Clocks Barometers Barographs and Music boxes.

Long Case moon phase and date-wheel items repaired or replaced.

Clock wheels and great wheels cut, crossed out and mounted.

Escape wheels, Pallets and complete Escapements,

Pinions with Arbors or separate also made.

Racks, Tails and Snails ,

Brass or Silvered dials restored.

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We are a small family business who specialise in the repair and restoration

of clocks and Barometers. We are also able to manufacture missing or

 worn out items for antique clocks. This work is carried out onsite.


Please note: we do not provide parts that can be obtained from Clock

Material Suppliers such as clock lines, winding keys ETC. Please see our

links page for items like this.


However, if you find that you cannot source the item that you require then

 by all means contact HRS Clocks on  0161 336 5215  We will make the

 item in question for you at the same time as restoring

your movement.


Sometimes it can be a lengthy process working on a quality clock made by a

 clock maker of distinction. If restored correctly and treated with respect such

 an item will not only retain its value but actually increase in value as it is

passed on to your descendents.


Whilst working on such clocks a record is made of any old repair marks or

 inscriptions of past repairers and given to the owner of the clock.

One inscription I came across recently on a 30 hour long case clock was:

{ This clock was cleaned and repaired the day king George IV Died 1830 }


Restoration work in restoring such quality clock movements involves trying to

keep a worn out part as original as possible by the minimum of alteration.

This sometimes involves turning yellow brass bushes to replace worn

 out pivot holes. This brass is soft and has to be hammer riveted to

harden it without leaving the slightest trace of hammer marks on the

 clock plates .

It is used because its content resembles a very close

colour match to the original clock plates.


Yellow brass clock wheels are made slightly thicker than the original and

planished around the outside edge to harden the area where the teeth

have to be cut, and then refaced to the original thickness.


80% of the time a completely worn out pinion can be ground down then turned

to a respectable diameter. A new pinion is made, hardened and tempered,

then bonded onto the original arbour.


The talk in the trade today is of Laser Micro Welding where the original worn out

pinion leaves are rebuilt with steel and cleaned up afterwards. This then leaves

the item almost completely original but it is an expensive process.


NEVER oil any clock with WD40 as this sets to a sticky gel-like substance where

dirt and grit stick to the brass wheel teeth witch causes considerable wear on the

steel pinions. Your clock might run when it is first applied but as it thickens it will

finally grip the escapement and stop your clock.



Work at HRS-Clocks clock repair workshop

showing clock wheels fron a clock in serviceA row clock bell hammers

a clock chimeing barrelin service

Showing an Escape wheel fro a clock being cut

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